Awesome Things to do in Xinyi District, Taipei.

2020_Taipei_New Years Eve_NYE_Taiwan

Often labelled as the Manhattan of Taipei, Xinyi District (pronounced Shiny) is a lively shopping district. Making it a local mecca for fashion with a happening energetic feel.

Surrounded by green hills and trails with awesome views. The centre of Xinyi has more than 10 department stores, shopping centres and various international hotels. It’s also home to the iconic Taipei 101 and a haven of old residences transformed into cultural and creative hubs. The playgrounds of the Xinyi District.

An all year-round experience here are some of our ‘awesome’ things to do when visiting this lively district.

First Awesome to do in Taipei – NYE Celebrations Taipei 101


Should you be lucky enough to be visiting in December/January a must is the New Year’s Eve party and firework celebrations around the iconic Taipei 101 building.

A highlight of Taiwanese culture is the extravagant free NYE event. Where you’ll experience live performances by big name pop stars with incredible light and firework shows bouncing off the Taipei 101 building. It also includes a NYE live stream countdown as the Taipei 101 floors light up one by one to midnight.

Well behaved crowds flock to the centre to witness the pyrotechnic extravaganza and enjoy the concert. Extremely well organised you can easily catch the MRT into the City Hall Square beneath Taipei 101 for the fabulous countdown party where all the action happens on NYE.

TIP: If being in the centre for NYE is not your thing you could also consider viewing it from afar on top of Elephant Mountain – see below.

Next on Our List of Awesome to do in Xinyi – Taipei 101 Observatory

Taipei_101_Xinyi_District Taiwan

Whether you’re there on NYE or not a visit to the top of Taipei 101 is a must.

The observatory vistas at Taipei 101 show a stunning 360-degree view of Taipei city.

Standing tall at 508 metres you can’t help but gaze in awe at this architectural beauty. Hailed as the tallest building of its time, it’s sure to attract your desire to make your way to the very top, enjoying the views as you reach each level.

  • Level 89

Grab your tickets from the fifth floor than board the super-fast elevators that will take you from the fifth floor to the ‘89th-floor Viewing Deck’ in 37 seconds.

  • Level 91

It doesn’t stop there you can also go a little further to the ‘91st floor Outside Observation Platform’ and enjoy the towers impressive soaring spire up close.

  • Level 101

Then after taking a deep breath you can sign up for the next level ‘Skyline 460’ the ultimate experience on the 101st-floor, known as the ‘secret floor’.

Some Taipei 101 specifications:

  • Height: 1,667 feet (508 meters) as measured from the ground to the tip of the spire on top
  • Highest Occupied Floor:1,437 feet (438 meters)
  • Number of Floors: 101 (an additional five basement floors are underground).
  • Outside Observation Deck: 91st-floor
  • Construction Cost: US $1.8 billion

TIP: Be sure to book your tickets ahead online and consider the day view or night view or even both!

Our Third Awesome in Xinyi Taipei – Christmas Lighting

Another WOW awesome to do from mid-November to 1 January is the Christmas season in Xinyi District.

Despite the fact that Christians constitute only about 4.5 percent of Taiwan’s population (and Christmas is not a public holiday) the Christmas atmosphere is in every corner across Taiwan during this time of year.

The whole of Taiwan is lit up with a blanket of beautiful Christmas lighting and decorations that sparkle across churches to shopping malls, office buildings, mansions, residences and more celebrating the annual festival.

The colour, lights and themes create a wonderful and very popular festive atmosphere attracting locals and visitors afar.

TIP: Be sure to check out the program on the Taiwan Tourism website for light shows, stage performances, markets and more.

Awesome Shopping in Xinyi District


The Xinyi Shopping District has a reputation for being a haven for shoppers, nicknamed the ‘Manhattan of Taipei’. There are malls, upscale department stores and upmarket retail venues such as Eslite Bookstore (more than just books) and Taipei 101 multi-story mall serving as the district’s anchor.

An eclectic shopping experience for budget-friendly shoppers to upscale shoppers. Here are some of the most popular shopping experiences:

  • Taipei 101 Mall
  • ATT-4-FUN
  • Neo19
  • Eslite Bookstore
  • Breeze Song Gao
  • Shin Kong Mitsokushi Xinyi Place

TIP: Where comfortable shoes as we can assure you that you’ll spend much longer wandering around this district shopping then initially planned.

Awesome Food in Xinyi Taipei 

Amongst all the architecturally designed buildings, temples, museums and gardens there is a culinary experience that cannot be missed in Xinyi. Below are some recommended favourites:

  • Beef noodles

Taiwan is said to be the home of beef noodle soup, and you’ll find the world’s most expensive bowl here in Taipei. It’s obvious that a bowl of beef noodles is the best way to dive into the Taipei food experience.

  • Dan Bing

A delicious thin pancake filled with egg and other yummy fillings of your choice, served rolled and then sliced into tasty triangle shaped pieces. Be prepared to line up and wait for this unforgettable treat which will have you coming back for more.

  • Stinky Tofu

Don’t let the name deter you from tasting it. It’s a dish that everyone knows about but often never try, once you get passed the aroma (not that bad) it’s actually very tasty.

  • Bubble Tea

Taiwan is known for its great tasting tea’s due to the ever-changing weather conditions on the island creating unique tea flavours. One of their favourites being ‘Pearl Milk Tea’ known as bubble tea. This particular tea drink has gone viral around the globe and has become the islands official drink, so a visit without trying one would be a regret.

TIP: Also are you heading to Vietnam for a culinary experience? Then read our awesome blog on Ho Chi Min’s top food spots here.

The Last Awesome is Elephant Mountain – Ariel View of Xinyi District

Elephant Mountain Xinyi District View Taipei Taiwan

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Taipei 101 standing out among the city skyline, you can bet the photo was taken from Elephant Mountain. This popular hiking spot is well-known for its network of trails, guiding you towards various observation decks that open up to breathtaking views of Xinyi District.

Elephant Mountain is about 1.5 kms from Xinyi Shopping District however its jungle-like greenery and natural panoramas make it feel much further away.

Also, a great place to view the NYE fireworks from afar providing you with an aerial view.

TIP: Catch the train from Xiangshan Metro Station to Elephant Mountain. Climb the staircase to the top which will take about 10-20 minutes. Consider going at sunset when the Xinyi District lights up and sparkles as the sun goes down.

How to Get to Xinyi Shopping District

To get to Xinyi Shopping District jump on the MRT (train system) and hop off at Taipei 101 or Taipei City Hall Station. The MRT local public transport at its very best, on time, every time – hassle free, even on NYE!

TIP: Use the MRT to get everywhere in Taipei. It’s always fast, cheap and colour coded easily directing you to your destination.