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Experience Historical Dubai in 4 Days.

Staying at the XVA Art Hotel in the Al Fahidi historical area of Dubai embarked us on  on a journey of culture dating back 100’s of years. If high rise hotels are not your thing and you like to get beneath the surface of a place here’s what we suggest for 4 days in Dubai.

1: Book the Boutique XVA Art Hotel in Al Fahidi

A Moroccan style 12 room boutique hotel with three beautiful internal courtyards, an art gallery, designer store and café serving delicious middle eastern food. Located in the historic Al Fahidi Neighbourhood where social life, cultural development and trade were prominent in the 19th century. A must stay!

XVA Hotel Dubai Al Fahidi Historical Area DONE

2: Wander the Dubai Alleyways Full of History

Step outside of the XVA Art Hotel and you’ll find stone walls, alleyways and twisting pathways telling a story of how life used to be before the Emirates. Follow the winding and narrow roads to Al Bastakiya Trading Village where you’ll find more adventures including cultural activities, traditional food, markets and museums.

Old Dubai Streets UAE Al Fahidi historical area

3: Experience the Grand Mosque in this Ancient Area

We recommend getting up early and heading over to the Grand Mosque nearby. You can listen to the Muslims praying and especially the call to prayer echoing through this ancient area. This is a must and a memory you will keep in your soul forever. Don’t forget to dress conservatively because of their culture you should be respectful and cover up.

Dubai Mosque Historical Al Fahidi Area

4: Cross the Nearby Dubai Creek in a Traditional Water Taxi

The Dubai Creek (more of a bustling harbour) divides Dubai into two parts; the old historic Dubai and new modern Dubai. We recommend you take an abra (a traditional taxi) across the creek. It’s cheap, safe and a real local experience. On the other side you’ll find souk markets everywhere traditionally known for their gold and spices but now much more. Wander around take in the scene, barter and have some fun.

UAE Dubai Creek Water Taxi Abra

5: Eat an Authentic Emirati Meal with a Sheikh in the Historical Area of Dubai

Experience traditional Emirati hospitality in the ambiance of a wind tower house courtyard, in the historical area of Dubai. A Sheikh will share his culture and traditions of family life and local cuisine of the days gone by.

It’s certainly a way to experience and become acquainted with the people living in the historic area of Dubai. Therefore, we highly recommend a stay in Al Fahidi district!

Storitella in Dubai UAE Sheikh