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Let’s Ride to Ho Chi Minh’s Top Food Spots.

Discovering Ho Chi Minh’s top food spots by moped is certainly not for the faint hearted. It’ll require plenty of attention and focus. It’s a lifetime adventure that you’ll share with your friends and family for a long time.

What are Ho Chi Minh City’s Top Food Spots?

Our Guides Eddie and Danny from Saigon Food Tours pictured with the Storitella Team Taking us to Ho Chi Minh's Top Food Spots Vietnam

It’s a must do when visiting Ho Chi Minh City. To make it a little less daunting we arranged food related bike tour (as a pillion passenger) with Saigon Food Tours.

We were up quite early in the morning and off to breakfast we went. As usual we always make sure we have a good hotel breakfast before we head out and become a local.

We head downstairs and meet with Eddie and Danny (calling themselves the Minions) our guides for the day outside our hotel. Firstly they give us a brief on what we’re about to embark on, tell us to buckle up our helmets and hang on. Minutes later we’re on the back of mopeds and in the congestion and exhaust filled roads of Ho Chi Minh City. Excitement and fear in our eyes all at once.

On the road and out into the traffic, merging with a wave of other bikers who seem undistracted with all the commotion. To them it’s a normal day getting to and from their next destination.

So, where did we go to experience Ho Chin Minh’s top food spots…

District 10: Steamed Rice Cakes

Vietnamese Food Steamed Rice Cake Stuffed with Mushroom and Pork Vietnam Ho Chi Min Saigon

The boys take us to our first food tasting, Bahn cuon Thien Huong 179A 3/2 street, Ward 11 District 10 Ho Chi Minh City where we enjoy banh cuon va banh tom chien.

A Vietnamese steamed rice cake stuffed with wood era mushroom and minced pork, served with fish sauce and fried shrimp cake.

This energised our taste buds and brought them to life. If it wasn’t 9.30am in the morning, we would have had a beer to wash the food down.

Back on the mopeds and I video the craziness so I don’t need to explain it to our friends, frantic organised chaos. I think those three words best describe the experience we are feeling as we pillion ride with Eddie and Danny.

District 4: Traditional Market

Street Food Vietnamese Baguettes known as Bánh Mì

The boys decide to take us through an area called District 4 which is the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.  Basically, an island surrounded by the Saigon River at the Northeast Ben Nghe Canal.

Eddie advises I put my mobile phone away or hold onto to it tightly. District 4 is known for criminal activity, I could lose my phone whilst using it to video.

I decided to hang on tight and video the road show into District 4.

We stop at an old traditional market called Tham quan cho Xom Chieu, 1 Dinh Le street, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

The smell, the colour and the people go about their business trading and vying to sell off their produce at a small percentage of what we pay back home. Offering smiles and invitations to taste their unique twists of food or beverages.

We become absorbed with the people and their passion. Our cameras clicking away with every movement, smiling at the magic that this market exudes.

District 3: Hidden Coffee Shop

Quan Cafe Cheo Leo Hidden Cafe Vietnam Ho Chi Min Saigon

Next is a hidden surprise in District 3, one of the oldest apartment blocks Tham quan chung cu Nguyen Thi Thuat. The building was built before 1975 and has deteriorated somewhat but fully occupied with Vietnamese. We walk up and around the block experiencing the way it was and more so the way it still is in this enigmatic city.

Swerving, stopping and accelerating as we manoeuvre our way through the traffic heading towards our next destination. A popular local hidden coffee shop that uses an interesting method to make coffee. It’s called the Quan café Cheo Leo 109-36 Nguyen Then Thuat street, Ward 2, District 3 Ho Chi Minh. I can’t share the interesting method, it’s secret. We encourage everyone to experience it for themselves.

District 3: Spicy Beef Noodles

Ho Chi Min City Vietnam Delicious Spicy Beef Noodles or Bun Bo Ganh one of Ho Chi Minh City's Top Food Spots

It’s now nearly lunchtime and with a flash we set off for some traditional Bun bo Hue. Vietnamese spicy beef noodles with bun (rice noodles). Located at Bun Bo Ganh, 110 Ly Chinh Thang street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Eddie kindly shared this recipe link with subtitles, check it out.

It’s time to head back to our hotel and reflect on our day. Our tour which included food, colour, beverages, lifestyle and best of all thrill and chaos.

Thanks Eddie and Danny!

Ho Chi Minh’s Top Food Spots

If you are heading into Ho Chi Minh City make sure you book one of the tours for Ho Chi Minh City’s top food spots here!