Our Story

Hi we’re Julie and Nik an Australian based couple with a bit of Greek “yassou” and Dutch “hallo”!

Our love is to seek out and share experiences that inspire others, whether that be somewhere around the globe, across state or in the local neighbourhood.

Between us we’ve explored more than 80 countries from Australia, Asia, Africa to Europe, South and Central America and much more. 

We’re content creators who love to share immersive experiences – an event, destination, brand or the unconventional. Like to work with us and our large database? 

Storitella Interactive Visual Content Creators


Founder I Global Content Creator

I’m a creative content marketer with a curious, inquisitive mind always on the lookout for the next new thing.

In my spare time you’ll find me planning my next adventure, whether that be overseas or in the local hood, attending the latest music event or scouring a market looking for that quirky something.

I have a passion for life, belly laughs, adventures and creating great content – content that gets beneath the conventional!

Storitella Visual Interactive Content Creators


Founder I Global Chief of Images

My love is to create authentic visual content whether that be through the eye of a camera, smartphone or drone it’ll always be the real deal.

I’m passionate about sharing visual content that gets beneath the surface of a destination, event, product or that something unconventional.

A car enthusiast, a repurposer of old things, as well as keeping fit, exploring and sharing all things visual is a real passion of mine!


We deliver immersive content that gets beneath the surface and we’ll share it with our large database! Have a project? Let’s connect! We’re packed and ready to explore!

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