Unique White Cliffs NSW a Gem of a Place.

White Cliffs Opal Mining Town NSW

In the depths of the remote NSW Outback, unique White Cliffs isn’t the sort of place you stumble across by accident, unless you’re lost.

For a start there’s the scenery. The endless blue skies over the vast moonscape of the opal mines. Slag heap pockets scattered with genuine Aussie outback dunnies or toilets if you’re not an Aussie.

White Cliffs Public Toilet NSW

Then there are the opals. White Cliffs is the first commercial opal field in Australia, and the only place in the world where the ‘White Cliffs Pineapple Opal’ is found. Where the more serious opal miners come in hope of finding a pineapple and making their big fortune.

A fascinating and unique place where it’s so hot in summer everyone lives underground, a place like know where else.

So, what is there to do in White Cliffs, here’s our pick!

What to do in Unique White Cliffs

Storitella in White Cliffs Opal Mining Town Outback NSW

  • Do some Opal Fossicking – who knows you might find a ‘pineapple’ and make your fortune
  • Book a Red Earth Opal Mine Tour – where you’ll go more than 13.5m below ground into a working opal mine, view historic diggings, see how miners search for gems today and you may even get to dig yourself
  • Visit White Cliffs Solar Power Station – Australia’s ground-breaking first commercial solar plant
  • Tour the Underground White House – an incredible hidden fascinating underground house or ‘dugout’ beautifully decorated. Meet the owners and embark on a tour that’ll give you a real taste of underground living.

White Cliffs NSW Underground Home

  • Visit the Stubbie House – an iconic building and opal showroom built with over 60,000 stubbies
  • Do a White Cliffs Bus Tour – take a ride with Rob and get a unique and true overview of the area. Learn the history, see the attractions, meet the locals and so much more.
  • Nearby visit Paroo-Darling National Park Visitor Centre – a  15 minute drive away where you’ll discover the Artesian Mound Springs, tree-lined creeks, spectacular landscapes, lakes and more.

White Cliffs Outback NSW Moonscape

  • Drive the White Cliffs Heritage Trail – the trail has been created to direct you to a dozen significant sites around town with signs that show the town’s history. A free guide is also available from numerous outlets.
  • Stay at White Cliffs Underground Motel – built almost entirely by hand, using jack hammers. The entire complex and beautiful haven is the size of an underground football field with no two rooms the same.

Underground White House White Cliffs NSW

Getting to White Cliffs

White Cliffs is about 1050 kilometres from Sydney, an easy one-hour drive from Wilcannia or from Broken Hill it’s a three-hour drive on the Barrier Highway.

Storitella On the Road to White Cliffs Outback NSW

You won’t forget White Cliffs in a hurry – it’s truly a one-off. Underground living and the arid, almost lunar landscape dotted with thousands of disused opal diggings is like nothing else.

Emus hanging around White Cliffs Outback NSW

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