Golden Sunsets in Outback NSW Australia

Get Prepared for Your Outback NSW Adventure!

Never under estimate Outback NSW, Australia. Prepare, prepare and prepare some more!

Firstly, before you start planning, learn about the dangers of the NSW Outback to ensure you are fully and properly prepared for a safe adventure. Imagine getting stuck and there’s no mobile reception!

Our Top 10 Tips When Visiting Outback NSW

It’s always best to do your own research too, whether that’s reading books, using the internet, talking with experienced outback travellers or learning from the locals. Anyway, here’s out top 10 tips to get you started!

Outback NSW Australia Mundi Mundi National Park

1. Top Up on Fuel

Fuel stations are far and few between so top up along the way at every station or bowser (on the side of the road). You may even want to bring a jerry can if you’re planning on exploring the smaller outback towns and dirt roads.

2. Bring Water

Bring water, at least 20 litres as outback locations are extremely dry, and you never know when you’ll get stuck on the roadside.

Distant Walls of China at Mungo National Park Outback NSW Australia

3. Pack Food

Supermarkets are limited in the outback so stock up at Cobar and Broken Hill supermarkets. Traveling across Outback NSW roads is exhausting in any vehicle so bring enough food to last at least 3 days.

4. Prepare for No Internet

For the most part of the journey there will be no internet reception and yep, that means no phone. So, we suggest that you pre download podcasts, songs, and maps from ‘maps me’. Even take some good old-fashioned CD’s (if you have a CD player).

Driving the Australian Outback Dry Dusty Roads

5. Learn Basic Vehicle Skills

Learn some basic vehicle skills such as topping up your water and changing a tyre. Always carry a spare tyre and some tools – the roads are corrugated and bumpy, anything could happen.

6. Pack a First Aid Kit

Take a first aid kit, bug repellent and a mesh head/face net for bugs, (especially the flies) which will make it more comfortable.

Kangaroos at Mundi Mundi National Park NSW

7. Take Care at Dawn and Dusk

Most people dream of seeing a kangaroo… but not while you’re hurtling down a country road at speed. Kangaroos, wombats, emus and echidnas often graze on the side of the road and are particularly active early morning and late afternoon. So, be alert when driving at dawn or dusk.

8. Have Plenty of Rest Stops

Practice ‘stop, revive, survive’ stopping every two hours to ensure your eyes are fresh and always have a good night’s sleep. Some of the roads are very long, unchanging and serious accidents can happen when you’re not fully alert, take turns and rests from driving it’s a must. The occasional ‘driver reviver’ stops provide free coffee so take advantage of these – stop and refresh.

Dry Cracked Earth of Outback NSW Australia

9. Prepare for the Sun

It’s very hot during the day so always wear a hat, sunscreen, light cool clothes and make sure you drink plenty of water!

10. Prepare for the Night

It’s also cold during the night so bring some warm clothes. A bug light is also a good idea if you’re planning on sitting outside.

Mungo National National Park in Outback Australia

Now it’s Time to Start Your Outback NSW Adventure!

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Enjoy your Adventure in Outback NSW, Australia!